Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Neoliberalism: A Fancy Term For Intellectual Bankruptcy

No, the answer isn't more asset building for the 99%. The answer is boosting wages over assets. by @DavidOAtkins
Enough of this fake-centrist bullshit policy that doesn't work and perpetuates the underlying problems.
So instead of doing something about radical inequality, the new neoliberal answer is to give the 44% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck more savings vehicles and incentives to stash away money to pay for those increasingly impossibly high mortgage and tuition costs. As the inequality problem becomes more and more severe and as Piketty's arguments gain increasing influence, look for all the neoliberal asset addicts to make ever more preposterous arguments to defend incentivizing boosting assets over boosting wages.
I'd compare these buffoons to Rube Goldberg, but at least his contraptions worked.

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