Friday, April 4, 2014

Hoping For Once It's Not Projection

Considering how often the the rightwingers project their own id onto liberals, it actually is pretty scary when people with power and bottomless pockets regularly go to the Godwin well.
But wait, there's more. What I've been hearing from Koch defenders is that people like me have no standing to ridicule billionaires. You see, I sometimes say sarcastic things about the arguments of people who disagree with me, and even question their motives when they say things I consider obviously wrong. And that's just like comparing such people to Hitler. The thing is, I don't think the crybaby thing is an act, put on for strategic purposes. I think it's real. Billionaires really are feeling vulnerable despite their wealth and power, or perhaps because of it. And the apparatchiks serving the .01 percent are deeply insecure, culturally and intellectually, so that ridicule cuts deep. It's kind of sad, really – but also more than a bit scary: When great power goes along with fragile egos, seriously bad things can happen.
Though I think supporters of Franco or Pinochet is the more apt historical analog.

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