Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do Not Release Jonathan Pollard

Good Grief, Idiots!
The same administration that aggressively prosecutes whistleblowers is considering releasing an actual traitorous spy.  Please tell me this is an extremely poor taste April Fool's prank and not seriously being considered.
Let me just say it: No, no, no, no! We're hearing this morning - intentionally hearing, since these reports are clearly trial balloons of some sort - that the US is again considering releasing convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. To review, if you don't know the backstory: Pollard was a civilian working for US Navy intelligence who was arrested and convicted for passing copious classified information to Israel. The fact that Pollard was a Jew spying for Israel made the case extremely charged, for good reasons and bad. Not surprisingly, the Israeli government has been lobbying for decades to get him released. No big surprise there. We try to get our spies released too. But if the White House is seriously considering using Pollard as a bargaining chip at this stage of the negotiations they've totally lost their minds.

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