Friday, April 11, 2014

Aaron Reilly, 1976-2014

If you're wondering about the light posting this week, I lost my only brother this Saturday long before his time.  Down the road a bit I might have something more to say about the circumstances.  For now, I'll just say he was an extremely talented guy that had some demons to contend with.  He left behind some beautiful children.  He was funny, handsome, charming, intelligent, a gifted athlete, a hard worker, gifted with his hands.  He was fearless of physical harm to the point of recklessness; I have a picture of him holding a six foot Timber Rattler that he caught with his bare hands.  I personally witnessed him save a man's life after a truck wreck one cold winter night in New Gretna.  This past Tuesday well over a hundred people gathered to share their memories of Aaron and grieve with his family.

He is sorely missed.

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