Saturday, February 22, 2014

NYC Political Press: Riddled With Petulant Tabloid Crap Artists

Now imagine those faces are all Ed Henry.
The state of political journalism in our city is a sickening travesty.  The Mayor held a press conference yesterday (at which I proudly represented the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association) to discuss the historic LICH settlement, but all the assembled mob wanted to talk about was Marcia Kramer's hatchet piece.  A sad day for journalism. 

Gothamist commenter Brian Van Nieuwenhoven summed up the situation well:
To an extent, the statement the mayor gave answers the questions about the incident that the reporters intended to ask.
So what the reporters are enraged about is the fact that the mayor did not submit himself to a public interrogation or allocution. 
Is there anyone in the general public that feels like there was something here that wasn't answered? All that really needs to be seen from here is whether or not the NYPD motorcades slow down. 
Like with the deacon and the snow day, there just isn't much of a story here, and hardly a problem if the rest of the city is being run efficiently and competently. I thought the LICH news was very good news, and it's sad to see the press corps deliberately bury that story for this one.
Is this what it's going to be?  All TMZ, all the time for the next four years?  New York deserves better than we're getting from our billionaire-owned vanity papers.

Now, if you're a journalist, and you read this blog: no one loves good journalism more than I do.  I read an unhealthy amount of news, commentary, analysis, non-fiction, you name it.  There is some amazing work being done out there, and I love and respect the awesome, hardworking journalists who craft the brilliant, insightful material that I love to read.  Unfortunately, your gems are suspended in a surging tide of crap.  And I blame your employers more than anyone else for the garbage your colleagues churn out.

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