Friday, February 21, 2014

deBlasio Speeding? Yet Another Marcia Kramer Hit Piece

Marcia Kramer, New York City's Worst Reporter (TM) has been at it again.  I will not link to her latest hatchet job, this time on the new Mayor.  You can take a gander at some criticism of her earlier work here.  Just go down the list and pick a few articles and read.

I tend to believe that the Mayor's motorcade and his NYPD drivers and escorts ought to obey the standard traffic laws absent real exigent circumstances.  But that's not what this story was about.  The Mayor's security detail is doing exactly the same sort of thing the Mayor's security detail has been doing for the last 20 years.

What makes this a "story", in the eyes of a reporter who has consistently and repeatedly run hit pieces on traffic calming, pedestrian safety improvements and bike lanes in New York City, is that this Mayor has proposed new policies to make the streets safer.

If there is something to be honestly embarrassed about in this story, it's Marcia Kramer's disgraceful war on pedestrian safety.

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stanchaz said...

Shame on WCBS News, and others, - for hounding the new Mayor with these "jay-walking"and "speeding"  charades. There are so many pressing problems in this City- and they focus on this type of trash "reporting"!
The Mayoralty is a tough enough job without their making it tougher for Mr. DeBlasio with such time-wasting frivolity. And by the way, did they  complain when Mayor BloomBucks jaywalked all the way to the Bahamas on weekends and left NYC leaderless during the blizzards in his administrations?
I urge Mr. DeBlasio to ignore these taunts, and keep doing the job that he was selected to do by an overwhelming majority of the voters.
The guys who are trying to put Mr. DeBlasio  down are the same crew who tried to smear him by putting a hammer and sickle on the cover of the NY Post the day before the election, the same right wing Fox Faux News guys who will always and forever try to undermine and destroy him, and the same greedy developers, one-percenters, and stop&friskers who ran this city under the BloomBucks administration.
These complainers and mud-slingers just CAN'T STAND the fact that they no longer control City Hall, like they've done for the past twenty years!
The everyday people of this City are on the side of the Mayor, because they know that he's on THEIR side. More power to you, Mr. DeBlasio.