Monday, January 6, 2014

The Establishment Media Was Even Worse In The 1970s

Exclusive Preview: Rick Perlstein's new book (and how the Village reacted to the CIA revelations back in the 70s)
I am thankful every day for the internet, which diminishes the power of the gatekeepers.
Then, as now, you had alleged journalists proclaiming that "mature and rational" citizens such as themselves understand that the government must keep its illegal activity secret from them. For our own good, of course. One cannot help but wonder if journalists who are currently clutching their expensive pearls over the propriety of the mainstream press publishing the Snowden documents would look back at this episode from history and think we all would have been better off if Daniel Schorr had been a good little boy and the Pike Report had been successfully repressed? When you read stories like this it's easy to get cynical and think things can never change. But they do. The good news today is that even if many of the celebrity reporters on TV and leading members of the Village cognoscenti still prefer to keep their heads in the sand (and, presumably, their access to the movers and shakers of the political establishment) editors of mainstream newspapers here and all over the world apparently learned their lesson from the past and are vetting and publishing the Snowden documents. This is progress.

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