Thursday, January 2, 2014

RIP Casa Rosa

After Nearly 34 Years In Carroll Gardens, Casa Rosa Closes Its Doors
I was out of town for the holidays and this is the first I've heard that Casa Rosa had closed up shop. I'd been in a few times for community functions in the back room (parties, meetings) but never for a regular old sit-down dinner.  We have always been more of a Vinny's kind of family. And if we went fancier Italian, Marco Polo. 

Many a Carroll Gardener will recall hearing from Buddy Scotto about the time he brought Brooke Astor to Casa Rosa back in the day. 

Looks like the owner passed away recently too.  Another local institution has passed on.
During the Holidays, Reader Ben wrote in to say that Casa Rosa, the old fashioned Italian eatery at 384 Court Street, has closed its doors. Ben reported: "Tables and chairs have been completely cleared out, the store is dark and the door is padlocked. Not surprising -- this kind of Italian food has fallen out of vogue in favor of nouveau Italian like Frankie's. But Vinny's and Red Rose still burn the candle brightly over on Smith."

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