Friday, January 3, 2014

Right Wing Media Watch: The UK's Slanderous Daily Mail

Lies of the Daily Mail
Something to keep in mind if you ever find yourself reading an article from that unscrupulous, standard-less rag.

Utterly despicable. The punishment for willful disinformation ought to be more severe.
Yesterday's New Statesman published a long, nuanced profile of Paul Dacre, editor-in-chief of the despicable Daily Mail. Dacre's a remarkable and contradictory character, profiled with some sympathy but no white-washing by Peter Wilby, but the most striking moment of the piece comes in the first third, when Wilby lays out all the admitted falsehoods and libels published by the Daily Mail -- a list that is incomplete because it only consists of those where retractions, legal action, or other visible signals of falsehood were raised. There's a much longer list of smears and lies about people who couldn't afford to defend themselves from the paper (or couldn't bear to).

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