Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It Snowed Yesterday. Thanks, deBlasio!

All That Snow Made a Bit of Mess — Blame De Blasio?

The NY Post appears determined to emulate the "Thanks, Obama!" Internet meme for its city news template. Daily Intel points up the Post's shrill ridiculousness. I won't link to the Post's garbage, or the Politicker regurgitation, but the lengths to which the Post will go to try to gin up controversy would be hilarious if it weren't so despicable. 

My Manhattan - Brooklyn and Brooklyn - Manhattan commutes were normal, and the schools are open.  But I spilled my coffee when I sat down to work. Thanks, deBlasio!
The good news: It finally stopped snowing! But now it's just sitting there, getting dirty and slushy, making everything more difficult than it should be on this Wednesday morning. New York City totaled about eleven inches of snow, while Philly and parts of New Jersey got over a foot, according to the National Weather Service, but the temperature is providing extra pain — the day started below 10 degrees in the city (feels like -9) and will top out around 17 degrees (feels like 3). Getting around is going to be far from perfect. The MTA says subway service today is "near normal," thanks to the suffering of a few: "Crews worked overnight in sub-zero temperatures and heavy winds as they cleared platforms, rails and switches of the powdery snow." Rails, buses, and road travelers can expect delays. More than 3,000 flights have been canceled across the northeast. New York City schools, as students already know, are open. "Travel conditions may be difficult, and families should exercise their own judgment when taking their children to school," said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña.

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