Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Greenwich Village Water Main Break Floods Street, Messes Up Subways

Photos, Video: Greenwich Village Water Main Break Floods Street, Messes Up Subways
Two things. One, I'd like to sarcastically thank the MTA for announcing the detouring of my train AFTER we left Broadway-Lafayette, where I could have switched to the 6 train. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but after reading this it's clear they either knowingly screwed us to prevent a mad rush for the 6 train, or just were indifferent to peoples needs. 

Two: if only there were some shovel-ready infrastructure projects, so the Federal government could help put the legions of unplowed to work and take advantage of practically zero interest rates on federal borrowing. 

But that's crazy talk.
Just after midnight, a water main broke in downtown Manhattan—leaving a huge mess for commuters this morning. There are changes to the B, C, D, F, M and Q subway lines . [ more › ]

In any event, the commute this morning was a debacle, and there will be many more preventable debacles in the future because, as a country, we can't get policy right thanks to the Republican party and their erstwhile allies, the "centrist" Democrats*.

* To be clear - this is not a "both sides do it!", "pox on both their houses" statement.  I detest that line of defeatist non-thinking.  Rather it's one party, and probably 40% of the other that are at fault.  Big difference.

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