Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dan Snyder Doubles Down On Casual Ingrained Racism

That's Dan Snyder's money.
Washington Redskins Hire All-Star Team of Villains
I thought the title was an exaggeration, perhaps a joke, but if anything it's an understatement.  My jaw dropped in disbelief.  Fortunately, these are (mostly) villains of the "Home Alone" competence level.  
The Washington Redskins, fighting off campaigns to force them to change their team name, have hired not only comically sleazy Washington lawyer Lanny Davis but an entire roster of Beltway super-villains. Dan Snyder's approach to any problem is to throw vast sums of money at overrated big names whose best work is behind them, so it is fitting that he has compiled an all-star team of mendacious sleaze.

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