Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Congratulations To Our New NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito

Dan Gardonick Concedes Speaker's Race
Dan Gardonick Concedes Speaker's Race
Manhattan Councilman Dan Gardonick has officially conceded the speaker's race to his rival Melissa Mark-Viverito. Three weeks after Ms. Mark-Viverito declared victory and half-an-hour after the vote was set to take place, Mr. Garodnick released a statement throwing his support behind her.
A few points:
1.  This was a decisive win for the Progressive Caucus and Mayor deBlasio. 

2.  The editorial boards of NYC's dailies are losing their grip on the political discourse.  They all backed Garodnick. This after no one listened to their picks in the citywide primary.  This is a good thing. 

3.  Finally the increasingly ridiculous stories from the Garodnick camp will cease flooding my news feed. An opposition caucus?  With a minority of the Council and absolutely zero power to accomplish anything, even delay?  The one floated to Politicker this morning was almost admirable for the sheer brazenness of the bullshit:
But even if the Mark-Viverito bloc holds, unity in the council itself could be hard to come by. Mr. Garodnick boasts the support of a concerted minority of council members and county organizations in the Queens and Bronx.
I'm surprised someone managed to get that nonsense into print.

Livable streets advocates can smile about this too.  It's another good day for New York.

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