Monday, January 20, 2014

Christie/Guadagno: A Culture Of Vindictiveness, Bullying and Abuse

In the Matter of Kim Guadagno
People like this should not be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.
So I thought I might do a public service by drawing attention to another super-local report that I suspect hasn't gotten on the radar of many big-paper reporters. I mean, unless you live right here, who reads US1, a weekly that mainly covers sports, movies, and restaurants in the Princeton area? But the current issue has an account of one person's interactions with Kim Guadagno, the lieutenant governor now accused of threatening storm-wracked Hoboken — and it fits the narrative perfectly. Maybe this account is all wrong. But if it isn't, you have to wonder how many other similar stories of vindictiveness — enough to make the Hoboken accusations completely plausible — are out there, waiting for reporters to find them.

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