Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blood In The Water: Christie Cronies In Trouble

The Time Chris Christie Shut Down a Public Television Station That Did a Tough Story on Him
This bunch of assholes should never have been allowed near the levers of power.  The blame for that ultimately lies with Corzine for being a lousy governor, which opened the door to this lout and his whole vicious crew.  The blame for being Christie, and hiring these thugs, lies squarely with Christie.
There's a fair amount of Schadenfreude this week among the New Jersey press corps, as they wait for the other shoe to drop in Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal and wonder if it's Michael Drewniak, Christie's press secretary and his "id," as one official calls him. Drewniak is on the hot seat after it emerged last week that he got dinner with former Port Authority official and Christie friend David Wildstein two days before Wildstein resigned. "If Drewniak can't explain what he did at dinner with David, he's going to be gone, because the press corps in New Jersey hates him with a passion," says a Democratic strategist. "If you put him on the train to D.C. this week and turned the lights off it would be like Midnight on the Orient Express — he'd have 50 slashes in him. You can only be a jackass for so long before everyone wants to knife you."
Lately I've been wondering if there was something untoward going on with the Great Easter Traffic Jam of Aught Eleven, because I was stuck in it for 4.5 hours with two kids and a pregnant wife and I'll never forget that wonderful, enriching experience.  Probably not, but now I'll always wonder.

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