Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The NYT Spins More BS On Syria

On that Acknowledged Covert Op in Syria
The NYT coverage of Syria the past few years has been abysmal, and the paper of record continues to paint a misleading picture for US readers. 

As for Petraeus, I don't doubt he's been aggressive in pitching this line of BS.  Petraeus has probably spent more time cultivating the media than any other single task in his last ten years.  Go back and read Tom Ricks' Fiasco (which I was eagerly looking forward to at the time); it turned out to be a sloppy wet kiss to David Petraeus slash hit piece on Ray Odierno.  That was when I first realized what an oily, ambitious operator Petraeus is.  Anyway, take all of NYT's reporting on Syria, Iraq, and Iran with truckloads of salt.  They've been wrong on so much for so long it's practically impossible for them to report straight anymore without constantly correcting their prior work - and few people enjoy doing that.
"Did no one in the intelligence establishment do that? Has the US been so entranced by the propaganda of those aiming to use the Arab Spring as an opportunity to expand their influence that no one questioned the rosy assumptions until far into the plan? What the NYT pitches as a story of Obama's failure is, rather, a picture of continued failures by our intelligence community (including those close to David Petraeus, who is a likely source for the pitched narrative)."
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