Thursday, October 24, 2013

‘The Blood Telegram,’ by Gary J. Bass -

It's hard to overstate what a monstrous human being Henry Kissinger is.  Kissinger should be rotting in a prison, but instead he is wealthy and celebrated by many in the political establishment and media.     Bush the Lesser even wanted this villainous bastard to chair the 9/11 Commission.  The corruption in our foreign policy establishment will continue to fester and grow until we address some of the crimes of the last half century. 

The voices of Kissinger and Nixon are the book's most shocking aspects. Bass has unearthed a series of conversations, most of them from the White House's secret tapes, that reveal Nixon and Kissinger as breathtakingly vulgar and hateful, especially in their attitudes toward the Indians, whom they regarded as repulsive, shifty and, anyway, pro-Soviet — and especially in their opinion of Indira Gandhi. "The old bitch," Nixon called her. "I don't know why the hell anybody would reproduce in that damn country but they do," he said.These sorts of statements will probably not surprise the experts, but what is most telling is what they reveal about Nixon's and Kissinger's strategic intelligence. At every step of the crisis, the two men appear to have been driven as much by their loathing of India — West Pakistan's rival — as by any cool calculations of power. By failing to restrain West Pakistan, they allowed a blood bath to unfold, and then a regional war, which began when Gandhi finally decided that the only way to stop the tide of refugees was to stop the killing across the border. That, in turn, prompted West Pakistan to attack India.

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