Monday, October 28, 2013

Spying With Impunity

America's Secret 4th Branch of Government: The NSA kept even Obama in the Dark
It will only get worse until the laws are enforced and people are held accountable.  Instead of nvestigating and prosecuting the leakers, we need to focus on the crimes the leakers exposed.
"If so, imagine how furious Obama is behind the scenes. It is not his style to act out in public. But the sudden announcements of the retirement of NSA chief Keith Alexander (who apparently should be in jail) and of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (who certainly should be in jail for lying to Congress) likely signal that Obama demanded they leave. All of these revelations are being treated as bureaucratic infighting by the inside-the-Beltway courtier press. It doesn't seem to occur to anyone to ask what the implications are that an occult intelligence bureaucracy funded at $52 billion a year by your and my tax dollars keeps our elected leaders in the dark about its activities."
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