Friday, October 18, 2013

Miserable Hack Tom Friedman Shills For Stanley Druckenmiller

Who Should Young People Throw Under the Bus: Granny or Billionaire Hedgie Stan Druckenmiller?
Fortunately there is no need to read the vacuous garbage that Friedman regularly deposits on the NYT opinion page.  Instead, read this piece on what a piece of work Druckenmiller truly is.
"And if you widen the frame, this country has been through a protracted and successful campaign to revise the social contract to favor capital over labor. You can see its success in the accelerating rise in income inequality, the lack of economic mobility, and the huge corporate profit share. Warren Buffet claimed that a level of over 6% of GDP wasn't sustainable; depending on how you measure it, it's currently at over 10%, some peg it as high as 12%. That rise in corporate profit share has come at the expense of employment and wage growth. The policy shift started under Carter, but the old model of having companies share the benefit of productivity gains and basing overall prosperity on wage growth was abandoned in the Reagan/Thatcher era for one that favored asset price growth and used rising levels of consumer leverage to mask stagnant wages. Druckenmiller was a huge backer of the politicians that promoted those programs. Yet he has the temerity to try to turn young people against ordinary folks in their 50s and 60s, most of which who never had any political influence, when he was a major sponsor of the very policies that have helped impoverish American youth. Perhaps Druckenmiller is making such an aggressive and public disinformation tour because he knows that if young people were to turn on the old, he'd be one of the most deserving targets for their vengeance."
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