Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Defend Social Security: Your Retirement Depends On It

The sensible centrists at the DLC and Third Way want to team up with the right wing freakshow funded by Pete Peterson to cut social security benefits.  This is insanity.  In this age of skyrocketing inequality, job insecurity, disappearing pensions and market instability, what we need is an INCREASE in Social Security.  People who work all their lives deserve to have some income security in their senior years.

Fortunately there are some people, such as Senator Tom Harkin who are advocating for a Social Security expansion, not cuts.  Click through for an enormous infographic and to sign a petition to support expanding Social Security.

And remember that Pete Peterson is a disgusting, greedy monster of a human being who will not stop trying to steal your retirement from you until he draws his last breath . . . and perhaps not even then.  See, e.g., the John M. Olin Foundation.  So fight back.

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