Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Bloomberg Hates deBlasio

A great read at Salon:
Michael Bloomberg is not enjoying de Blasio’s campaign — and there’s a pretty good reason why: The Democrat’s campaign represents one of the first sustained, publicly damaging attacks on his mayoralty that the billionaire has not been able to silence using an arsenal of personal relationships, political leverage and lots of money. For Bloomberg’s political and policy legacies, de Blasio’s impassioned critique (and its dramatic political success) pose a formidable threat he has not faced before.
Bloomberg has had this coming for a while.  His money and power have kept the criticism on mute for 12 years.  No longer.


Jack O said...

DeBlasio is a rascist by being against stop and frisk. Ask any older person living in the projects and they will tell you that suspending that practice will then target all minorities..90 percent of serious crime in NYc is Black on Black.

Gary Reilly said...

Assuming you're not a parody troll . . . what an incredibly ignorant thing to say.

Stop and frisk as practiced in NYC is blatantly unconstitutional, rooted in racist attitudes and ultimately causes more harm than good.

It's not only illegal and immoral but ineffective as well.

Jack O said...

You, Gary although probably well meaning, are ignorant. I have several friends in the projects and they are petrified that it will be stopped.

Anonymous said...

@Jack O
I would suggest that you go back to school to learn how to spell "racist".

Anonymous said...

When Rudy thought he was to be replaced by a Democrat, likely Mark Green, he emptied the city coffers.
Them Bloomberg won and he was left high n' dry. Of course, he didn't blame Rudy. He couldn't criticize the man who got him the job.
Bloomberg just might treat BdB with the same scenario. With the expired labor contracts he well on his way.