Thursday, September 5, 2013

WARNING: Corporations Are Secretly Buying Your Elections

And Brad Lander needs your help to shed some light on their activities:

New York City’s strong campaign finance system is under threat from a flood of corporate cash, through so-called "independent expenditures" (like the "Super PAC" spending that became legal following the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision). 
In City Council races, corporate spending can easily overwhelm all other spending by candidates, and become the majority of information available to most voters. 
One PAC funded by real estate developers plans to spend $10 million in City Council races this year, under the semi-anonymous name "Jobs for New York." 
The City Council can pass legislation to make every ad carry a warning label so that voters know it is not subject to the campaign finance rules that protect our democracy. 
In New York City, we also need to close the loophole that corporations use to avoid contribution limits and require them to identify themselves on their ads. 
Join us in the fight to close corporate loopholes and require transparency to rein in independent expenditures.
That's why I signed a petition to New York City Council, which says:
"Just as cigarettes are toxic for our health, corporate money is toxic for our democracy. While they can't overturn Citizens United, the New York City Council should pass a law to put a warning label on every ad funded by the corporate spending made legal by Citizens United." 

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name: 

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