Friday, September 20, 2013

Virtually Our Entire Beltway Media Class Should Be Fired

Syria And The Beltway Media Crackup | Blog | Media Matters for America
And by fired, I mean "fired into the sun by means of a rocket". An expensive undertaking, to be sure, but worth every penny. 

Has the chattering class made itself perfectly clear? Obama's ability to strike a deal with the Russian government to convince a Middle Eastern dictator to begin handing over his arsenal of chemical weapons represents an unmitigated disaster for the White House and it's "a terrible setback for America."  Why? Because the process was all wrong.  No matter how many times you re-read that premise, it's never going to make any sense. (An international disarmament agreement is a bad thing?) But that's the story D.C. pundits have been peddling all month.
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