Monday, September 30, 2013

Tish James For Public Advocate

You already know I support Tish James for Public Advocate.  Now if you're a registered Democrat, get out and pull the lever for her Tuesday morning.

You don't need another boring testimonial.  Get out there and make it happen. 

But if you insist, here's what I wrote before the primary September 10:

Tish James is a fighter well suited to the role of Public Advocate.  Most people will recall her for her role in opposing Atlantic Yards and promoting better development options for the site.  But she's also been a fighter for transit improvements.  Tish is an engaging and accessible person that I think is ideally suited to fighting for the little guy in NYC.  Honorable mention goes to Dan Squadron, a friend and neighbor here in Carroll Gardens.  In other circumstances I might support Dan for office.  For now, I think Dan can best serve the community in the State Senate, where he still has a seat.  ....
I'm voting for Tish James for Public Advocate.

Typos courtesy of my iPhone
Typos courtesy of my iPhone

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