Thursday, September 12, 2013

The NSA Is Giving Your Communications To Foreign Governments

Israel Information Sharing Raises Questions about Efficacy of NSA's Minimization Procedures

Even assuming, arguendo, that Israel is the noblest nation to ever grace the Earth, I don't see how anybody could agree to a deal like this. It's insane. 

"The Guardian's latest Edward Snowden story yesterday reported that an information sharing Memorandum of Understanding written sometime after March 2009 laid out the sharing of unminimized US collections with Israel. The agreement appears to newly share such unminimized content based on unenforceable assurances from Israel that it will minimize US person data and destroy any communication involving a US government official. Whatever else this story may do, it casts serious questions on the efficacy of the minimization procedures that lie at the core of FISA Court oversight over the government's spying program."

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