Thursday, September 5, 2013

Syria Strike Proponents, Including Obama Misleading The American Public

Parallel Processing: Spanking Assad and Then Changing His Regime
They say the strike is not targeted at regime change .… but it just so happens we are also actively working on regime change.  I've called my Senators and Congresswoman to say enough is enough and demand that Congress vote against any authorization of force against Syria. I hope you'll find the time to do so as well.
"There's a fundamental dishonesty in the debate about Syria derived from treating the authorization to punish Bashar al-Assad for chemical weapons use in isolation from the Administration's acknowledged covert operations to support the rebels. It results in non-discussions like this one, in which Markos Moulitsas refutes Nicholas Kristof's call for bombing Bashar al-Assad based on the latter's claim we are currently pursuing "peaceful acquiescence." And war opponents don't have to deal with arguments like this one, from the New York Times'Nicholas Kristof: So far, we've tried peaceful acquiescence, and it hasn't worked very well. The longer the war drags on in Syria, the more Al Qaeda elements gain strength, the more Lebanon and Jordan are destabilized, and the more people die. The administration has gone to great lengths to stress just how limited air strikes will be, and to great pain to reiterate that regime destabilization is not the goal. So I'm not sure where Kristoff gets the idea that such attacks will have any effect on the growing influence of Islamists in the region. But let's say that by some miracle, the air strikes do weaken the Assad government, it is the "Al Qaeda elements" that stand most to gain, as they are be best placed to pick up the pieces."
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