Tuesday, September 3, 2013

StreetsPAC Endorses Bill deBlasio

StreetsPAC, the new political action committee devoted to street safety for all users, made its first ever Mayoral endorsement for the best candidate in the race:  Bill deBlasio.
"Bill understands how important biking, walking and transit are to the future of New York City," said StreetsPAC founding board member Steve Vaccaro. "He knows that safe streets are no accident and he has promised to wage an aggressive campaign to reduce injuries and fatalities caused by motor vehicle crashes. Bill is committed to working with communities to expand the benefits of better bus service, pedestrian safey measures and improved and connected biking across all five boroughs as mayor. StreetsPAC supports his progressive, equitable vision."
Last month, de Blasio announced an unprecedented "Vision Zero" plan with a strategy to drastically reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities on city streets. De Blasio has also pledged to increase bike lanes and bicycling, expand bike share to the outer boroughs, and focus traffic enforcement on the locations and behavior that represent the biggest dangers to New Yorkers.
Good work guys.  I have been excited to see StreetsPAC making a difference on the New York political scene this year.  Activism is vitally important and gets a lot accomplished - but activists who pretend that politics is somehow removed from policy do themselves and their causes a disservice.  StreetsPAC fills in the missing piece of the puzzle on complete streets advocacy in NYC.  I look forward to more great things from them in the years to come.

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