Friday, September 20, 2013

Steiner Studios To Expand

Steiner Studios to Build More Sound Stages on Vacant Navy Yard Lot
Sounds pretty good.  This is an industry that supports a lot of good jobs.  And the prospect of diverting some productions from shooting on location in one's neighborhood is appealing.
"Steiner Studios, NYC's largest movie studio complex, presented plans Wednesday night at a community board meeting to expand its empire by building six more stages on a vacant lot in the Navy Yard. They plan to construct six 16,000-square-foot sound stages at the northeast end of the Navy Yard, on a lot, above, bounded by Clymer Avenue to the north, Keap Street to the south, Kent to the east and Wallabout to the west. And they want to build a New York City street backlot to help alleviate traffic problems and inconveniences caused by production companies filming in Brooklyn neighborhoods. Steiner also plans create a noise barrier by "artistically" stacking the shipping containers already on the lot and interspersing them with landscaping. See the rendering after the jump for an idea of what this might look like on Kent Avenue."
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