Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sensible Advice On NYC Bike Policy From Sam Schwartz

A way forward in the bike war - Daily News

This is a good starting point for policy tweaks for the next Mayor. 

 "Who's right? We spent a few hours out on busy Manhattan streets counting violations. Not a scientific examination, but better than pure anecdote. We saw about 50 violations an hour by bikes (meaning the pedestrians aren't crazy) and one to two an hour by cars, as well as countless by pedestrians (meaning the bikers aren't crazy).

So, starting to solve the problem should start with an acknowledgment of reality. It's not zero-sum. Yes, we are a pedestrian city first. But at the same time, bike commuting can be encouraged and multiplied. Meanwhile, bike riders need to recognize that more than a million and a half people enter Manhattan every day by car; they are not evil beings, but essential to our vitality.

We recommend getting tougher and more lenient at the same time. Here's how."

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A way forward in the bike war - Daily News

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