Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remember Georgia?

Q: Is Putin Really Planning To Bomb Saudi Arabia?
I remember how many of the bomb Syria crowd also wanted us to get involved in the Georgia-Russia sham.
Last month was the fifth anniversary of that war in Georgia. Most people in the West have forgotten about it by now, but it's a good time to refresh your memories. Western media and political leaders got that war completely wrong, blaming it on an allegedly aggressive, imperialist Russia out to "punish" Georgia for the crime of being a "Jeffersonian democracy" in Russia's backyard, as Georgia's spindoctors put it. What's even more frightening is how that war, misreported and mischaracterized as Russian aggression, brought us dangerously close to World War Three.A couple of years after the Georgia War ended, it emerged that Vice President Dick Cheney and "several senior White House staffers" had wanted to start a war with Russia to stop their counter-offensive against Georgia. Cheney's idea had been to launch "surgical strikes" and/or to bomb Russian land forces using the Roki Tunnel, the only land link between Russia and South Ossetia, thousands of feet up in the Caucasus mountains.

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