Monday, September 23, 2013

Obama Endorses deBlasio

I've got to be honest, I was not expecting this. I mean, it's not surprising when you think about it, but nonetheless caught me off guard. 

""I am deeply honored by President Obama's endorsement," the city's public advocate said. "If I am fortunate to earn the trust of the people of New York on November 5th, I will work every day to advance our shared value of making sure everyone has a fair shot. On health care, tax fairness or the economy, the President is no stranger to addressing big problems with big ideas and big solutions. I will emulate the example he has set, and if elected I stand eager to work with him on an urban agenda that grows prosperity for all."

In 2009, Mr. Obama endorsed Democratic nominee Bill Thompson--but only a the last minute and indirectly, via his spokesman, who never actually mentioned Mr. Thompson by name. This time around, with Mr. de Blasio dominating in the polls, it's a different story."

Barack Obama. (Photo: Getty) Bill de Blasio's mayoral campaign just landed the most high-profile endorsement of all: President Barack Obama. With the end of the primary and the Democratic nominee cl…

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