Monday, September 9, 2013

NYC Primary Endorsements - Vote Tuesday September 10th!

UPDATED:  I forgot two offices:  Brooklyn DA and Borough Pres!
It's that time again - the crucial, coveted, all-important Brooklyn Streets candidate endorsements.  In all seriousness, your vote means a LOT in a contested primary - you'd be shocked at the size of the electorate and the perennially low turnout.  Right now with Bill deBlasio on the cusp of 40% we could avoid a costly and divisive runoff election and head into the general election united and strong.  After 20 years of GOP governance, it's time for some true progressive leadership in NYC.

Bill was our City Councilman for 8 years and now Public Advocate for four.  I've known him now for 7 years from being active in the community.  He led the fight against Bloomberg's third term when Chris Quinn was doing Bloomberg's bidding to further her own political ambitions.  He pushed through a contextual zoning for Carroll Gardens when our community was threatened with overdevelopment.  And now he's a leader in the fight to keep LICH alive as Public Advocate.  I firmly believe that LICH would be shuttered right now if not for Bill's efforts on behalf of our community hospital.  I firmly believe that Bill will be someone we can work with on an issue that's dear to my heart - transit and livable streets issues.  That gut call was affirmed by the recent StreetsPAC endorsement, for the first time of a mayoral candidate: Bill deBlasio.  One candidate stands both literally and figuratively above the rest:  Bill deBlasio is the best candidate for Mayor, and he will be the next mayor of New York.
Please join me in voting for Bill deBlasio for Mayor.

Eliot Spitzer's re-entry into politics has a lot of progressives excited.  And I would be excited to, if he were running for a prosecutorial or legislative role.  People remember the great job he did as Attorney General, and as a bulldog on Wall Street abuses.  And I was very excited for the prospect of a Governor Spitzer in those innocent days gone by.  But the reality is that Spitzer was terrible as governor.  He treated his caucuses in the legislature like peons and the result was gridlock.  Of course his undoing was hubris, and I have no doubt that he was specifically targeted for nefarious political reasons, payback by powerful bankers or Bush admin people.

Scott Stringer has been unfairly tarred as a "machine candidate".  I've had the pleasure to meet Scott on a number of occasions.  He listens, he reaches out, he is competent, and he is prepared for the role of Comptroller.  He's not independently wealthy, he's been active in politics since he was a kid, he's served in a series of elected positions - so I guess that makes him the "machine candidate".  It's unfortunate that Spitzer chose this as his re-entry point into politics, because despite his flaws, I would like to see him back in a position that plays to his strengths, and marginalizes his weaknesses.  He's much better suited to Congress.
I'm voting for Scott Stringer for Comptroller.

Tish James is a fighter well suited to the role of Public Advocate.  Most people will recall her for her role in opposing Atlantic Yards and promoting better development options for the site.  But she's also been a fighter for transit improvements.  Tish is an engaging and accessible person that I think is ideally suited to fighting for the little guy in NYC.  Honorable mention goes to Dan Squadron, a friend and neighbor here in Carroll Gardens.  In other circumstances I might support Dan for office.  For now, I think Dan can best serve the community in the State Senate, where he still has a seat.  The one candidate that I simply could not support is Reshma Saujani, whose serial campaigns for seats she has not earned are baffling.
I'm voting for Tish James for Public Advocate.

Joe Hynes has been the DA for a long, long time.  I met Ken Thompson towards the beginning of the year.  I thought he was an impressive candidate, but that he didn't stand a chance with Abe George also in the race and splitting key votes.  All bets were off when George realized he couldn't win and dropped out.  I think Ken Thompson would be a breath of fresh air to the DA's office -and the time is right for a change.  i don't have anything against Joe Hynes - but sometimes the time is just right for a change and that change is Ken Thompson.

It's all but a coronation at this point.  I believe we first met Eric Adams at an IND function back in 2007.  He struck us as an impressive guy then and still does.

I was as skeptical as anyone of Steve when he ran in 2009, and supported another candidate in that race.  But I met Steve on the campaign trail during my own long-shot bid for council and found him to be a hell of a nice guy.  And over the last four years Steve has done the right thing on a host of issues.  He's young, and doesn't have the polish of Brad Lander (our council member, unopposed in the 39th this year) but that is an unfair comparison - Brad's a rock star.  Steve has been a solid council member and has earned his re-election.  If you're in the 33rd, vote for Steve Levin.

I'm pretty active in local civic affairs - Brooklyn CB6, Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, a couple other organizations.  Sara Gonzalez, the incumbent council member for the 38th for me has been as rare and elusive as a unicorn.  I finally saw her in person for the first time over the summer - after she was facing a primary challenge from Carlos Menchaca.  Carlos has experience working as a city council staffer and loads more as a progressive organizer in Brooklyn and a volunteer after Sandy.  He would bring some much needed new energy and a fresh look at the issues affecting our neighboring district.  If you're in the 38th, vote for Carlos Menchaca.

There you have it.  Be sure to vote tomorrow, and if you're at all on the fence - please take theses endorsements to heart.  Polls are open from 6:am to 9:00pm.

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Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Sara Gonzalez tomorrow. Like yourself I'm active in community matters. In fact, I'm on CB#7 in Sunset Park. However, Carlos Menchaca was never involved in community affairs anywhere in the 38th CD. Only after Sandy he 'volunteered' to work in Red Hook. Of course, he was always on the City payroll, and assigned to work with the Councilwoman. He was well paid too! This does not relate to 'volunteer' very well. More like work-outside-the-office. He might say it was work-at-home, but home was then Windsor Terrace or Park Slope, NOT ANYWHERE IN THE 38th CD.
He's an opportunist pure and simple, with a lot of bucks and helpers coming from, you guessed it, from everywhere but the 38th CD. Es verdad.

I'm TOM MURPHY and I approved this message.