Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Runoff

Looks Like De Blasio Really Did Meet the No-Runoff Threshold
For mayor.  Unfortunately we will still have one for Public Advocate. And there's nothing to be done, either.  Even if, for example Dan Squadron conceded to Tish James in a display of team spirit, fiscal responsibility or what have you, we'd still have a runoff. The law as written is not discretionary. There shall be a runoff if none of the candidates exceed 40%. 

Nevertheless, we are well on our way to the Mayor deBlasio administration.
It's not quite official, but it's close: After finally finishing its count of lever machine and paper ballots, the Board of Elections announced on Wednesday that Bill de Blasio won last week's primary…
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Scottilla said...

In other words, Bill Thompson's "concession" means nothing.

Gary Reilly said...

I imagine he could have made life a little more difficult for everybody by not conceding. But like I said last week, he was done for no matter what.