Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joe Lhota: Ridiculous and Desperate

Why Does Joe Lhota Support the Murder of Nuns?

Joe's scrambling for any preposterous fingerhold to stay above 20% in the mayor's race. For the life of me I'll never understand why he took on this fool's errand. 

Also, that whole criminal enterprise with the Contras in the 80s?  A lot more people should have rotted in prison for it, including Reagan and Bush. 

"But if we're relitigating the '80s, that's only one prong of anti-Sandinista policy. The Lhota campaign also, implicitly, endorses: • Planting floating mines in harbors, in violation of international law. • Selling arms to Iranian terrorists who have taken American hostages. • Intentionally violating United States law to direct funds to the Contra rebels. • The murder of Catholic nuns. The Lhota campaign has not responded to emails or phone messages seeing comment about the full extent of the candidate's support of the covert Nicaraguan terror war. Till then, we will assume that killing nuns, like killing kittens, is something Joe Lhota supports."


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