Thursday, September 26, 2013

Joe Lhota Reeks Of Rudy's Taint

Lhota's 'Marxist Playbook' Charge Straight Out of Giuliani Playbook

Rudy Giuliani is a stain of a man, and in his desperation Joe Lhota embraces his disgraceful tactics. It's a shame, because that taint won't wash off easily once the election ends. 

"Asked about the similarities between Mr. Lhota's remarks and Mr. Gliuliani's, Lhota campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud said the candidate couldn't recall his boss's anti-Marxist rhetoric. "He has no recollection of that," she said. But Baruch College professor Doug Muzzio said the strategy reminded him very much of Mr. Giuliani. "It's part of the playbook. It's the fear mongering and the aliens are going to take over," Mr. Muzzio explained, slamming the tactic as "dumb" and ineffective. "He shouldn't be using it at all.""

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Anonymous said...

A 15 year old kid with an afro won the democratic primary not the Socialist who is dividing the city into mine and theirs. Now that the city council passed the licence to kill bill keep the gun loving punks out of the city the Blaz considers mine and let them go to his city. That's only if he gets elected.

Gary Reilly said...

I . . . I don't think I understand your comment.