Friday, September 20, 2013

Future/Past: Garbage Tubes for NYC?

Smell no evil: A proposal to collect New York's trash by tube | Capital New York
I'm agnostic on (but intrigued by) this proposal as I simply don't know enough yet.  But there has to be a better system than the one we use today. 

Salvation often only arrives early in the morning, in the form of loud, dangerous, particulate-spewing garbage trucks. Benjamin Miller, the former head of policy planning at the New York City Sanitation Department, has a radical solution to the problem of New York City's trash removal: pneumatic tubes."In my dream world, we've got much of the far West Side tubed up and chunks of the East Side tubed up," he told me on Thursday. "And then we would change the building code so that if you want to build a new building, you have to put in a sewer and put in a tube."

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