Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Serendipity - PPW Bike Lanes & Carroll Gardens' Brooklyn Brainery

This morning I received a link through the TransAlt Brooklyn Google-Group to what really is the definitive PPW Bike Lane Benefits For Idiots guide.  Huge fonts, simple, clear analysis, and obvious conclusions.  It really is incredible that the NBBL-ers can continue to deny reality with a straight face.  

So it was by way of that link that I found the Brooklyn Brainery, which I had not noticed before though it's right here in the neighborhood.  It looks like a pretty neat place, and I look forward to checking it out.

From their website:

Brooklyn Brainery hosts cheap classes on anything and everything.
It's a place to experiment with all the things you've wanted to learn but just haven't gotten around to yet -- thinkbook clubs on steroids. 
We're located in Carroll Gardens at 515 Court Street, a couple blocks from the lovely Gowanus Canal.
Their course catalog is HERE.

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Notes from the City said...

The conclusions will be obvious to everyone except those who insist that data support the contrary conclusions they've already come to. Like the flat-earth folk.