Monday, March 24, 2008

Spitzer Skullduggery

I am pretty confident we're going to learn, over the next 2 years, more about how the Fall of Elliot Spitzer was engineered. Hubris? Of course. But this was a man with many enemies. One of them, Roger Stone, (click here for larger version of picture big enough to read) is a sleazebag GOP political operative and dirty trickster going back to the Nixon administration. He had a role in halting the Florida recount in 2000. He is a complete and total scumbag. He is also a swinger . . . on that count, to each their own - I don't really care what he and his wife do with their private parts. Consenting adults can do whatever the hell they want behind closed doors, in my view.

But he reported Spitzer to the FBI for using hookers four months before this scandal broke. . . . and it does add some irony that HE, of all people, should be reporting someone to the FBI for sexual misconduct.

Did I mention that Roger has a tattoo of Richard Nixon's face on his back? Must make for an interesting conversation piece at the orgies.

Scott Horton has a much better distillation of the politicization of the Spitzer prosecution over at Harper's. It is a must read. Concludes Horton,
This marks a strong shift in position in Justice Department explanations of the case, increasingly bringing into focus the fact that Eliot Spitzer was a target because he was Eliot Spitzer. The comparison of this case with the handling of the “D.C. Madam” case produces a very curious bifurcation. Eliot Spitzer is worthy of being a target, and the dedication of massive resources to nab him. But G.O.P. Senator David Vitter and Bush Administration Director of USAID Randall Tobias are not. What, other than the fact that the latter are Republicans and the former Democrats, provides the basis for distinction? This investigation increasingly looks like a political hit.

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