Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gov. Siegelman Freed!

This is fantastic news. Don Siegelman, former governor of Alabama, was railroaded in a political prosecution orchestrated by the Bush administration. See my previous posts on this subject.

But first, see the full story at Harper's, TPM, and Emptywheel's digs. You'll see some concern trolls out there, who will warn you under their breath not to get to excited defending Siegelman, he's dirty. At first, I was wary myself. But after a lot of reading on the subject let me tell you: that's a crock.

This is the most clear case of political prosecution I've seen, and it is absolutely shocking that the GOP was so brazen. There's a lot of fireworks to come on this, and I suspect some of the prosecution team and/or the trial court judge will see the inside of a prison before we're through.

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