Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wasted G Train

I have little use for the G train, usually. It's great to connect to the A train when I need to get to JFK, but that's pretty much my only G train usage.

But Sunday we were out for a long walk around the hood, loping from our home base in Carroll Gardens, through Park Slope and Kensington out into Boro Park and then circling back to Church Ave for the F train.

I wasn't aware that the G train ran all the way out past Church to turn around. My experience was eerily similar to those reported by KensingtonBrooklyn and SecondAvenueSagas. Empty G trains rolling in and out, waiting, never opening their doors. Consider that the G trains roll in, sit, and wait. There is absolutely no reason on earth they could not pick up passengers.

I understand that fixing this is in the works, given the upcoming construction plans, but why wait? All they have to do is open the doors! At least with the express tracks, there is some excuse for not expanding the service immediately. This is indefensible.

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