Thursday, July 19, 2007

Commission to Study Congestion Pricing Approved

Like I said, rumors of the death of congestion pricing have been greatly exaggerated. And as for the $500MM we lost forever after missing that arftificial deadline?

The City Council would be required to approve whatever plan the commission recommends, and the Legislature would have until the end of next March to approve it, Mr. Bruno said.

The agreement appeared far more modest than what the mayor originally proposed. Still, state and city officials said they had been in talks with Bush administration officials and believed New York might still qualify for as much as $500 million in federal aid, despite the passage of an ostensible Monday deadline for cities to submit congestion plans to the Department of Transportation.

“We will continue to work together to access the federal funds that are available,” Mr. Bloomberg said in a statement.

Well, what do you know.

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