Wednesday, October 15, 2014

United States: WMD Proliferator

Saddam's WMD: Technology Made In USA, Delivered by Rumsfeld

When are we going to have a conversation about the caustic effect of a our foreign policy adventures on the world … and ourselves?

The American public is routinely lied to, often with the aid of establishment media, about what our military-surveillance-cloak and dagger complex is doing in our name, at great expense. 
"Good old USA technology, conveniently exported to European firms that we helped to build factories in Iraq to produce chemical weapons to be used against Iran. That is what caused injury to US servicemen who were routinely denied care and quickly sent back into battle because they weren't missing limbs. Chivers talked to a number of those soldiers and their stories are so consistent they nearly blend together. Also consistent was the instant classification of the injuries, presumably because of the embarrassment to the Bush Administration they would cause should the press look into them too rigorously."

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