Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gawker Nails The Gutlessness of NYT Non-endorsement In Governor's Race

The New York Times Is Just as Corrupt and Cowardly as Andrew Cuomo
The Times is as establishment as it gets. The notion that the Times is somehow a "liberal" paper merely because it is literate and takes an enlightened view of women and LGTBQ issues is deeply misguided.
"In other words, Zephyr Teachout can't replace Cuomo as governor because she is not already the governor. It is true that Teachout is not an experienced politician. The experienced politicians in New York State are hacks and criminals. That is the situation that the New York Times editorial board would like you to believe it cares about. Yet the Times will not back the nomination of someone who comes from outside of the state's culture of political corruption—not some reckless crank, a goldbug or anti-vaccinationist or animal-rights activist, but a degree-holding product of Yale and Duke, a former law clerk, a person who works full-time at understanding the process of political reform."

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