Friday, July 11, 2014

A Tree(house) Grows In Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Photo from DNAinfo.
One of our neighbors on 2nd Street is building a treehouse in the back yard out of salvaged materials.
The plan to build a treehouse out of recycled materials took root two years ago when an intern at Brooks-Church’s firm, Eco Brooklyn, made a rendering of one. The idea sat on the backburner until Brooks-Church’s girlfriend finally gave him a good reason to break ground.
“We have three kids together. She wants a treehouse for them,” said Brooks-Church, 43, whose children are aged 2, 6 and 11.
The ground floor will be a chicken coop with walls made out of bags of earth so plants and flowers can grow from them. Brooks-Church described the effect as “like a garden turned on its side.”
The second floor will be made out of glass sheets he salvaged. A discarded fire escape ladder will link the floors. Brooks-Church plans on putting a rope bridge on the second floor that leads to a crow’s nest connected to a deciduous tree known as a Tree of Heaven.
This is the same house that has a turtle pond in the front yard (not to be confused with the koi pond on 2nd Place).  That turtle pond was a pleasant surprise on a summer walk last year or the year before.

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