Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome Back, Trotter

MEAN STREETS: Hot to Trot-tenberg! New roads czar hits ground running in Cobble Hill
Polly Trottenberg was a solid choice for DOT Commish.  She has excellent taste in neighborhoods as well.
Polly Trottenberg, the newly minted commissioner of the city Department of Transportation, has made the move to Cobble Hill. Trottenberg arrived in the center of the universe from a sleepy backwater called Washington, D.C., but she used to live just up the road a piece, and her latest move brings her back full circle, she said. "It has been wonderful to come back to Brooklyn," Trottenberg said. "I previously lived in Carroll Gardens and am now just a short walk away in beautiful Cobble Hill."

While the daily grind of BS tabloid stories about the new administration is going to be annoying, the results we're going to get from this administration will far outweigh the chatter.  We've got a lot of good appointments thus far.

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