Thursday, February 20, 2014

Junior's On Sale: Brooklyn Real Estate Takes The Cake

Cheesecake, that is.  That's got to be one sweet deal.  Junior's coming back as a tenant would be the cherry on top. (I'll show myself out)
Junior’s plans to sell its downtown home, clearing the way for a new condo building with a really sweet perk — easy access to top-flight desserts.The iconic eatery is expected to move out of its 17,000-square-foot flagship following the sale, but believes it can negotiate a deal to return as a tenant and open a new restaurant on the ground floor.The Rosen family, owner of the 64-year-old business, fended off suitors for the two-story building for years before finally capitulating to the sweet temptations of Brooklyn’s whipped-up real estate market.
Downtown has already changed so much.  Another decade and you'll hardly recognize the skyline.

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