Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Only February, But Tabloids Already Scraping Bottom Of The Barrel For Specious Attacks On deBlasio

Who Won the Headline War Over de Blasio's Jailed Ally?
Billionaires Mort Zuckerman (Daily News) and Rupert Murdoch (NY Post) really can't stand progressive leaders.   And the Politicker (owned by billionaire spawn Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump*) always seems happy to help spread their crap around. 

It's going to be relentless garbage from New York's billionaire-owned media properties, and it is disgraceful. But they lost the fights in September, November and December, so this is all they've got.
The papers were both pretty worked up about the call de Blasio made to a police official after hearing that a political ally, Bishop Orlando Findlayter, had been arrested on an open warrant after he was stopped for making a left turn in his car without signaling. De Blasio and the NYPD both say the decision to release Findlayter and not make him spend a night in jail came before the mayor called. But only the Daily News reported that detail in its story (and then only at the very bottom). It quoted Deputy Chief Kim Royster, who acknowledged the mayor had called, but said the decision had already been made to release Findlayter. She said the precinct commander had told her: "Why have a clergyman in the command in jail overnight?" The Post didn't mention that side of things.
*Technically only Jared Kushner so far as I know, but since he is married to Ivanka Trump, she's got a stake as far as I'm concerned.  And paradoxically while everyone knows the Trump name, not everybody is familiar with the Kushner dynasty.

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