Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Pop Culture: HBO's True Detective

We're always behind the times on pop culture here at Firstandcourt.  There just isn't enough time in the day, and so I've got a mile long list of shows/movies to be watched if we ever move to a 25 hour day.

Last night we were finally going to start House of Cards, but based on many recommendations made a last minute decision to start True Detective.  And now House of Cards is going to have to wait, because True Detective was gripping.  Terrific performances and cinematography and a bleak landscape.

It feels like watching a movie.  Only better, because I know this story is going to spool out of 8 hours and they can take their time telling it right.  I recall Atrios pining for more serialized dramatic programming over the years, and I've come to agree.  90 minutes is fine for a fluff comedy, but the 90-180 minute window for a film is not the optimal vehicle for all storytelling.  Imagine if they adapted the Game of Thrones novels into 3 hour movies instead of 10 hour seasons.  It would be a travesty.

Anyway.  True Detective grabbed me and I'm hoping to watch the second episode tonight.


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