Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fire At Buschenshank This Morning

Early Fire At Buschenschank On Court Street Forershadowed By A Tweet?
If you wondered like I did why Court Street was blocked with emergency vehicles this morning, it's because Buschenshank was on fire.
This morning at around 6:30 am, a fire broke out at Buschenschank, at 320 Court Street. It was quickly subdued, though Court Street was still blocked at Sackett Street at around 7:30 Am. According to reader Simon van Kempen, who alerted me to the incident, the fire may have broken out in Buschenschank's basement, since there was visible damage on the ground floor.
I wonder if it came from the downstairs area that was not disclosed to CB6 when Buschenshank applied for it's license?

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