Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chris Christie's Chronic Crony Incompetence

Inside NJ Transit's post-Super Bowl debacle
Can you imagine this guy running the country?
"Hours after the drama unfolded, New Jersey Transit's Twitter account seemed oblivious to controversy, and it's stunning to hear Weinstein say they don't know what they'd do differently. The Meadowlands stop is a dead-end stub that sees service only during peak events and can't seem to handle post-event loads. It cost over $200 million to build, and somehow, moving out 33,000 fans over the course of three hours is a victory. The decision to kill the ARC Tunnel wouldn't have solved Sunday's problems but could have addressed capacity issues on a line that can't do what it's designed to do. And somehow, New Jersey Transit thinks this is all one big victory. That's pathetic. Even picking on Weinstein, the teflon man behind the response to Sandy, may be a moot point soon. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may soon remove Weinstein from his spot, and if the embattled governor doesn't act on his own, other Garden State politicians and columnists are starting to make more noise that should lead to Weinstein's ouster. Even the NFL, notorious for exercising tight control over every element of the Super Bowl, wants to conduct its own investigation."

Shocking that Christie appointees tend to be bullies, crooks, and incompetents.

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